More buddy, less guru.

Bodhibuddy is about providing straightforward information on how to live well. No jargon. No overpromising. No BS.

All the resources you need for growth, none that you don’t.    

What you'll learn. 

Mindfulness and Meditation: Potential side effects can include contentment, insight, more energy, decreased stress, better sleep, and improved relationships. No prescription necessary. 

Productivity and Habits: Whether you want to get a promotion, learn a new skill to find a job in the first place, or just stop binging Netflix past 2am—we got you.

Health and Fitness: Most of the information on the internet about nutrition and exercise is bad. The information on Bodhibuddy about nutrition and exercise is not bad. Bye, dad bod. 

Much, Much More: If it can help you live better, your buddy is probably in to it.


Where to start.

Morning Bodhi newsletter

Each Monday, we share insights and articles from our blog and around the web. There are also mindful quotes and reminders, book recommendations, and more. 

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Who we are.


Hi! I'm Christian, founder of Bodhibuddy. I’m not an influencer, self-help guru, or life coach. I won't preach to you, hack your mind, or claim I know “The 7 SHOCKING Secrets To A Better Life!" I’ve only found Nirvana on Spotify and the Dalai Lama refuses to call me back.  

I am a normal person learning everyday how to be more mindful, healthy, and productive—how to live a little better. After 10+ years of research and experimentation, I know what works for me and what has worked for others. Most of the strategies are simpler than you'd expect. I created Bodhibuddy to share them and help you live better too.

While I am still the primary contributor to Bodhibuddy (ahem, Chief Buddy), we have some great people helping out. If you'd like to contribute or have feedback on our content, contact us